Medical and Wellness
Energy for wellness

Integrated medicine for the wellbeing of the person

Veroniki Holding is present in this important sector through affiliate company Veroniki Life International which manages a specialist clinic in the city of Bucharest, Romania. The mission of Veroniki Life is to offer patients a new concept of integrative medicine that helps improve their quality of life, with complementary therapeutic techniques that work deep down but are largely non-invasive.

The Veroniki Life International clinic offers valid medical solutions in a welcoming environment to get people feeling fit and healthy again. Thanks to its range of technical equipment, the clinic is able to perform all necessary medical tests to ensure quick diagnosis and to identify high-quality standard treatments. The clinic’s philosophy is to combine classical western and alternative medicine with a single goal: the wellbeing of the patient.


In addition, we have a dedicated doctor in every country in which we work and we sometimes also offer our employees the support of a psychotherapist, free of charge.

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