Culture and teaching
Energy for culture

Culture as a fundamental value

Veroniki Holding, which bases its work on the set of ethical values that form part of its Vision, combines its business operations with Social Responsibility activities aimed at its stakeholders.


Through associated cultural organisations, the holding company pursues, via donations and sponsorships, virtuous projects that contribute to promoting culture, education and all of the principles on which Veroniki Holding has traditionally based its philosophy

The universities

Regarding university teaching, we remember the Universitatea Europeana Dragan, which was founded by Prof. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan in Lugoj (Romania) in 1993. It is still an important training center for many local young people today. Until 2020 the Dragan University Golden Age was active with its headquarters in Milan (Italy), promoting lessons for third-age students.

The foundations

Through sponsorships and contributions the Group is also involved with Foundations like Fundatia General Stefan Gusa, set up by Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan in 1997, and Fundatia Europeana Dragan Lugoj, created in 1990, which promotes the values of culture.

Decebalus Rex

Worth a special mention is Decebalus REX, the giant reproduction of the face of Decebalus, the last king of Dacia, commissioned and funded by Prof. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan in 1993. The monument is unique for its size, having 42,9 meters high and 31,6 meters wide and is today the tallest megalithic artwork in Europe.

The Decebalus REX was carved from a rock that overlooks a bend of the Danube a few kilometres from the Romanian city of Orșova.

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