Renewable Energy
The energy of the future: from wind, sun, water
Renewable Energy
The energy of the future: from wind, sun, water
Renewable Energy
The energy of the future: from wind, sun, water

We create value from our values.
In any sector we are committed.

The group strategy is based on the following philosophy: “our development will always be oriented towards sustainability, technologically solid and socially inclusive and, therefore, at the same time economic, social and environmental”.

Sustainability is integrated into all our activities and constitutes an essential element.

The Silistea wind park

Driven by its focus on sustainability and its research into new sources of low environmental impact energies, Veroniki Holding has made significant economic investments in the renewable energy market.

In Romania, this commitment translated into the development of a 25 MW wind farm opened in 2011 in Silistea, near Costanza on the Black Sea, and managed through the Group company Veroniki Wind Srl (former Romconstruct top).

The Energy of Water

Veroniki Holding strongly believes in renewable energy such as that produced through the action of water. For this reason, strategically, it is investing in hydro plants.


Through the newly established company Veroniki Water Power, it has recently acquired six so-called mini-hydroelectric plants with a total installed power of 4.000 kW and a yearly production over 20.000 MWh.


All the power plants are located in the Italia mountains from north to south.


An energy alongside the new generations

Through its subsidiary ButanGas Spa, in Italy Veroniki Holding manages a 1 MW solar park adjacent to its LPG plant in Catania, guaranteeing the energy independence of this facility.


Currently, Veroniki Holding has several projects in the pipeline that aim at the production of energy from renewable sources. In fact – in addition to Wind, Photovoltaics and Mini Hydro – it is also carrying out projects such as Biogas and Biomethane. These activities represent the strategic part of the Group’s development and investment plans

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